Southern Oregon Homebrewers is a non profit organization dedicated to the art of home brewing.

The purpose of Southern Oregon Homebrewers is to share our homebrew, discuss homebrewing, share information, openly converse, and most importantly, provide honest feedback on each others beer. The meetings are open to the public. We welcome all Homebrewers; extract or all grain, beginner or advanced, and those who don’t brew, but want to start.

Special weekend events are often held such as Teach a Friend to Brew Day and National Home Brew Day. At those events, members will demonstrate how to brew beer, showing all grain and extract methods. The club also sponsors beer competitions and Beer 101 classes. We occasionally offer a class in how to judge beers according to BJCP guidelines to help prepare anyone who wants to become an official judge.

If you like to home brew, or want to learn to homebrew, taste different beers or just want to drink and talk about beer, please consider joining the fun. All are welcome!

The club currently meets on the third Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at Grower King, 1211 Jackson St. Medford.

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